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The Bonle Group was established in 1992, and has been working on the substation and transmission lines, the supply of all products and accessories including, but not limited to, insulators, power fittings (spindles, cross arms, strain clamps), fuse cut outs, arrestors , and conductors.

The electrical insulations manufactured by Bonle most have been certified to KEMA, VDE, CE, SGS ,also surge arresters are up to the TR standards of the China National centre.

Bonle has been 19 years experience in High-voltage electronics. Till now it is
sized with 7 factories total covering an area of 360,000M2,and 2000 employees
And so far a long-term and successful collaborative relationship has been set up between Bonle and more than 30 suppliers in China, which assures a complete and mature system that runs well from the beginning of parts supply to the terminal constructions of substation and transmission lines.

1.General business: we provide current products or particular items according to drawings and samples from clients

2.International Tenders:
Since 2005 Bonle has been focusing on international tenders as a new growth point of business,we have participated in some tenders of several countries . only in 2010 , the value of bidding we took part in reached to 40 million , and finally we won 8 million of them.
The scope of bids:Transmission line,Substation construction,lighting pole supply,and civil end-user electrical accessories supply.

3.Substation &Transmission line Projects
Working with the local veteran contactors, since 2010 Bonle has entered the stage of contracting projects, those projects are installed by local companies to providing workers, equipments and transport equipments, BONLE providing products, technologies and services


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BONLE Group professionally in power electronics manufacturing and export for many years. Till now sized with 7 factories for different product series. And build a long-term and close collaborative relationship with more than 30 Chinese domestic suppliers, which assures supplying completely for the substation and transmission lines project. Below we have 3 main business channels for different cooperations

1. General order business.

2. International tenders.

3. Substation &Transmission line construction projects.



Annual output value

over fifty million dollars

Production Cycle

40-90 days(base of different product and order quantity.)

Number of workers

1,000 workers

Plant area

360,000 square meters

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