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Insulator Material and Accessory supply

April 11,2017.

High Voltage Pin Type Insulator


It's so curious when I saw a lot of people working in the overhead power lines in the kid world, because the first time I seen many Insulators in overhead power lines. When I grow up, I know about more information about Porcelain Insulator.

The copper conductors utilized in the electrical wiring of homes and industrial plants are insulated from each other and from the building by rubber or plastics. Overhead power lines are supported on Polymer Insulator that are unaffected by outdoor exposure. Large electric generators and motors that operate at high voltages and high temperatures are frequently insulated with mica. In some applications, solid insulation is employed in conjunction with liquid or gaseous insulation. In high-voltage transformers, for example, solid insulation provides mechanical rigidity, while oil or other liquid substances contribute to increased insulation strength and serve to remove heat from the equipment. In the microscopic structures of integrated circuits, insulating materials such as silicon nitride may be employed in thicknesses as small as a micron.

Although an electrical insulator is ordinarily thought of as a non-conducting material, it is in fact better described as a poor conductor or a substance of high resistance to the flow of electric current. Different insulating and conducting materials are compared with each other in this regard by means of a material constant known as resistivity.

Thermal insulating materials include fibreglass, cork, and rock wool, a mineral wool that is produced by blowing a jet of steam through molten siliceous rock or limestone or through slag. These and other substances of low thermal conductivity retard the rate of heat flow. They break up the heat-flow path by their opacity to radiant heat and by interposing numerous air spaces. Thermal conductivity is usually not constant for any given material but varies with temperature. 

Conductivity decreases with increasing temperature in most metals and other crystalline solids, but it increases in amorphous substances such as glass.

High Voltage Pin Type Insulator is applied to high voltage power line service.And have features of good hydrophobicity, anti-ageing,anti-leakage trace and electric erode proof,tensile strength and bending strength, shock resistance good quakeproof and brittle failure proof, easy to installation, and the in stallation size of top and base are the same size with porcelain pin type, they can exchange to use each other.

BONLE is a professional manufacturer of High Voltage Electrical Product for overhead transmission line and substation project. The product including but not limit with insulator, cutout fuse, lightning arrester,switch&socket,cross arm & spindle with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force.

Welcome to contact suppliers mailto:sales@bonle.net if you need any support.

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