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Electric hydraulic pump electric busbar processing machine BONLE
Electric hydraulic pump electric busbar processing machine

Electric hydraulic pump

Electric busbar processing machine

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Electric hydraulic pump electric busbar processing machine


 Type  TEP-700/700B
 Rated pressure  70MPa
 Speed  20000r/min
 Low flow  4L/min
 Weight  1.7KG
 High pressure flow  0.5L/min
 Oil storage capacity  2L
 Hydraulic oil  HV15 high grade low  temperature antiwear hydraulic oil
 Motor power  0.75 KW
 Outline size  210mm*210mm*340mm
 Frequency  50Hz
 Voltage  220V


Electric hydraulic pump electric busbar processing machine

TECHNICAL DATA(ZCB6-6 Semi-closed):

 Type  ZCB6-6
 Characteristic  Individual items and three iterms
 Power  0.75KW
 Voltage  220V/380V
 Output rate  High voltage:0.5L/min,Low voltage:5L/min
 Machine oil  32 anti-wear hydraulic oil


Electric hydraulic pump


 Type  VHB-120
 Function  Cutting,Punching,Bent
 Output  200KN
 Plate thickness  10mm
 Width of metal plate  120mm


Bending mold : 1 set

Cutting mold : 1 set

Punching mold : 3/8"(Φ10.5mm),1/2"(Φ13.8mm),5/8"(Φ17mm),3/4"(Φ20.5mm)

electric busbar processing machine

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About Us



BONLE Group professionally in power electronics manufacturing and export for many years. Till now sized with 7 factories for different product series. And build a long-term and close collaborative relationship with more than 30 Chinese domestic suppliers, which assures supplying completely for the substation and transmission lines project. Below we have 3 main business channels for different cooperations

1. General order business.

2. International tenders.

3. Substation &Transmission line construction projects.



Annual output value

over fifty million dollars

Production Cycle

40-90 days(base of different product and order quantity.)

Number of workers

1,000 workers

Plant area

360,000 square meters

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  BONLE has attend many professional electrical and power exhibitions at different countries for business development, especially our products and services have received lot of good feedbacks from customers.  

1.Are you factory? Where is the location?

Yes: Office and Factory Address is like below:

91#Taiyu Rd, Fuwan Pian, Jinshan Industrial zone, Fuzhou, PRC 350008


2.What is your main product?

We are advantage in power electrical product manufacturing and exporting,have different product series in high voltage series like insulator, cutout fuse, lightning arrester etc, and some series in low voltage series like switch and socket. dpn defond push button switch. We can accept OEM.


3.When was your company established? How many production lines do you have at present? How many employees?

Our first plant founded in 1991, till now have sized with 7 factories for different product series. And we have 1500 employees (totally in all factories).


4.Where is your major customer?

Our major customers are from Mid-east, South-east Asia and South America, Africa. 5.Does the product you supply have quality guarantee and certificate? Yes,the product pass standard and required testing,

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